UK food and drink suppliers are ramping up their environmental targets after achieving their carbon reduction goal a year early.

Unveiling the FDF's third Five-Fold Environ-mental Ambition progress report this week, sustainability and competitiveness director Andrew Kuyk said the organisation had reviewed targets, policy developments and progress made by companies.

FDF members had pledged to cut carbon by 20% by 2010 versus a 1990 baseline but exceeded this last year, slashing emissions by 21%. Because FDF's 2020 target of a 30% reduction was set prior to the 2008 Climate Change Act, it would now be upped to 35% exceeding the government's own target (34%) and that of any other sector, it said.

Just 9% of waste was sent to landfill in 2009, ­almost half the amount in 2007, and members were "well on track" to achieve a zero target by "2015 at the latest". They had cut water use by more than two million cubic metres in 2009. "The big issue for water is not that used in manufacturing but the wider supply chain," stressed Kuyk, adding that the FDF would be developing guidance on water management.

"Most of the big impacts on carbon and water occur outside food manufacturing, for example on farms and at home through cooking and waste," said Kuyk.