Upmarket ready meals supplier Fech is looking for franchisees to roll out its retail outlets.
The firm currently has one 330 sq ft shop in Winchester High Street selling frozen food prepared by gourmet chefs, but Fech founder Paul Barry said: “We want to franchise out the concept and we’re in discussions with a few people about rolling it out. It would be great if we could have another two stores in the coming year.”

Barry said he believed there was a definite place for a gourmet ready meal provider in affluent areas, run perhaps by independent retailers who were just starting out. He said: “Our target consumers are people aged 30-55 who can cook, but who perhaps have busy social lives and don’t always have the time.”

He said they were also the sort of people who would deliberately avoid mass-produced supermarket ready meals. Consequently, food sold at Fech outlets would command premium prices.