The town of Arbroath is hoping that its famous Smokie' will soon join a growing list of foods protected under the EU Protected Food Names Schemes.
Prepared for many centuries in the north east Scottish town, the traditional Arbroath Smokie is a whole, de-headed, gutted and salted haddock that has been smoked over wooden barrels.
To prepare them, the fish are tied in pairs at the tail and suspended over smouldering beech or oak chips for half an hour, during which time they are both cooked and smoked.
Bob Spink prepares up to 1,000 Smokies by hand each day, and is one of the prime movers behind the bid for registration. "Poor copies undermine our reputation, but once our application has been fully approved, we will have EU legal protection to smoke out the impostors'," he said.
"Once that is done, we only have to worry about the future of the haddock stocks," added Spink.