UPB Products, manufacturers of frozen Asian and ethnic snack foods, has launched a new range inspired by Indian and Thai cuisine.

Called Fusions, the range is described by the London-based company as "unique and innovative".

It will consist of finger food snack products with a variety of eight different outer coverings and complementary inner fillings.

The outer shells will be made either from rice, chicken, lamb or potato and the fillings will include a choice of foods such as prawn, chutney or curry.

Marketing manager Jane Bhavsar said she hoped the range, which reflects the company's focus on natural, high-quality ingredients, would be stocked not only in local shops but would eventually be stocked by the bigger supermarket chains.

They will be exhibited at the IFE07 at London's Excel Centre, starting on 18 March.

UPB Products also manufactures savoury lines such as samosas, kebabs and halal items.