A futuristic fingerprint recognition payment technology is about to launch in the UK as part of a global roll-out.
A UK grocery retailer will start a trial of the Pay By Touch system within the next month said Pay By Touch vice president Europe, Tom Fischer.
The system allows customers to get through checkouts faster, without having to fumble for payment cards, he said.
To use the technology, shoppers first have to have their ID checked and their fingerprints scanned. Some geometrical details of the print
are recorded. That template is then linked with details of the shopper’s credit, debit and loyalty cards.
The shopper can then scan their finger to pay for purchases at the checkout, allowing faster payment.
Fischer said age details could also be linked to the fingerprint so that age could instantly be verified when a customer bought age-restricted products like alcohol.
Pay by Touch is already in use in the US in grocery chains including Thriftway and Piggily Wiggily said senior vice president Jon Siegal.
The company was negotiating with six of the top 10 US grocery chains as it rolled out the service, he added.
Siegal said it cost $50-$100 a lane to install the system at checkouts, with a fee payable per transaction to Pay By Touch.
Pay By Touch plans to roll out its system across Canada and Europe by 2005 before moving into the Asia Pacific region.