The Whisky Shop has announced major plans for expansion across the UK and intends to open its first store in England by Christmas.
Currently, the whisky retailer has eight stores in Scotland, including the recent addition of two new outlets in the heart of Edinburgh. It is aiming to open a further 20 stores within the next three years, with the majority to be located south of the border.
Executive chairman Ian Bankier said: “There is a growing appreciation of malt whisky across the UK but especially in England where we believe there is a significant under-developed market.
“We will plug that gap by opening in the main out-of-town shopping centres as well as in high streets across the UK.”
The existing shops, the first of which was opened in Edinburgh in 1992, are currently getting a revamp to give a fresher, younger feel to suit market trends.
Bankier said: “Scotch whisky is a cosmopolitan drink enjoyed by people of all ages and from all nations. Here in the UK, single malts are fast becoming trendy. We want our stores to reflect that.”