Sir; One of the many sad consequences of the foot and mouth crisis is that it will coincide with a general election campign. Indeed, judging by the headlines of the past few days, we are in for 10 weeks of childish rhetoric as the major political parties kick the FMD issue around as a vote-getting football, diverting their attentions from what should be a unified, non party approach. The government has hardly smothered itself with glory with some of its recent, confused utterances. William Hague and Co have proved once again that if there is a bandwagon going by, they will jump on it. As for Charles Kennedy and the Lib Dems, it's hard to think of anything constructive that they have offered. So come on you politicos, let's stick with the facts and the real issues and keep the politics to one side. T Elliott Oadby, Leics. {{LETTERS }}