A report by the Consumers' Association, which warns parents of feeding their children food specifically advertised to kids, has been slammed as “irresponsible and needlessly worrying advice”.

Deputy director of the Food and Drink Federation, Martin Paterson, said: “The industry works with food regulators and parents to ensure that its products are safe, wholesome and can be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet.”

The CA has warned that children whose diet regularly featured ‘kids' foods’ could face a range of problems in the future, including diabetes and cancer.

The report said some manufacturers confused consumers over the salt content in their foods and that a number of tinned products for children were higher in sugar and salt than their adult equivalents.

Paterson stressed: “Over 80% of UK-produced, pre-packed manufactured foods now routinely provide nutritional labelling to help consumers' purchasing decisions."

Labour MP Debra Shipley has called for adverts for ‘junk food’ to be banned from pre-school children's television.