The red berry and citrus flavour included caffeine and guarana and was positioned as an all-day boost rather than a mixer. The 500ml PET bottles had sports caps and were aimed at the usual energy drinks market of 18 to 30-year-olds. The promotional launchpad also targeted this market as it included an on-pack competition to win an astronaut training weekend in the United States. Sales Information Resources' sales figures of £7,000 for Liquid Rocket Fuel for the year ending June 16, 2002, are for the multiples only. However, Food Brands Group said it had focused more attention on forecourt, CTNs and impulse outlets, where sales were stronger. The company says "Liquid Rocket Fuel was launched on the back of the success of the Rocket Fuel instant coffee with natural guarana. It has created interest in the functional energy drinks category as the packaging has broken away from the industry standard 250ml can. Full sales potential will be achieved once extra distribution is gained, which will also benefit from sampling in key areas. The product has been well received in France and has been listed by major French retailers. A second flavour, Starlight Espress, a vanilla coffee cola, has been developed especially for the European market." {{P&P }}