Sir; At last. Thank you to the Consumers' Association which has finally pointed out what many of as have suspected for some time. The food industry is irresponsible, profiteering and a fraud. And worse, it is threatening the health of our children. Busy parents should be able to put their trust in food manufacturers and retailers and assume when something is labelled "wholesome" it is not in fact damaging their child. Yes in an ideal world we would all cook for our children all the time. But this is not an ideal world. And neither would it appear is this an ideal industry. Far from it. Thank you to the organic players who are doing something to tackle this unchallenged tide of rubbish we've been served up with. Just a pity the cost is so high. In a world where children are scurrilously targeted with food and drink products, it really is time to ensure the stuff inside the extensive and expensive packaging is up to the mark. Come on food industry. Face up to your responsibilities. Do you honestly feed your own children this muck? Elizabeth Smith Oxfordshire {{LETTERS }}