All sectors of the food industry have welcomed the guidelines for health claims on food launched by the Joint Health Claims Initiative after two years of discussion. The initiative, which comprises consumer groups, the food industry and regulators, has set out the general principles for these claims and the scientific evidence needed. The guidelines also list permissible terms for "well established" knowledge and for "innovative claims". Food Standards Agency chairman Sir John Krebs praised the launch, saying that consumers wanted clear and accurate information on labels. "It is particularly encouraging to see consumers, enforcers and industry working together," he added. Michael MacKenzie of the Food and Drink Federation said the code would be helpful in "clarifying the legal minefield", and would give suppliers access to an independent centre of excellence for scientific advice. The code should also help trading standards and environmental health departments and suppliers should find it easier to launch functional foods. MD Foods was forced to pull its Gaia yogurt and Pact spread off shelves several years ago after doubts about their medical claims. {{NEWS }}