Businesses of all sizes across the food trade have been urged to take on the government’s Red Tape Challenge.

The Food & Drink Federation has called on members to take part in the coalition’s drive to free industry from unnecessary or burdensome regulations. The scheme begins officially today and runs for the next two weeks.

“The food and drink industry is one of the most closely regulated industries in the UK and as its products are used daily by consumers we agree that reasonable controls are necessary,” said FDF Director of Communications Terry Jones.

“But we’ve reached a point where regulation is stifling our ability to innovate, to maintain competitive advantage at home and abroad and to create the employment flexibility that is critical to a hi-tech and fast-moving manufacturing industry.

“This is a chance for members to tell Government what doesn’t – and what does – work. If Whitehall officials can’t provide a good enough reason for a regulation to be in place, it could be scrapped.

"There is only a two week window of opportunity to comment on the regulations that affect the food and drink sector.”

More information on the scheme is available here.

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