Chefs will be vying for top awards in a contest that focuses on regional foods

A nationwide search for the UK’s top chefs from pubs, hotels and restaurants is set to reach its climax at the show as finalists compete in a series of live ‘cook-offs’ in the central demonstration theatre.

The competition will have a special focus on regionality because the regional food groups, as well as the Guild of Food Writers and the Morning Advertiser, have nominated contestants. Each finalist will produce a dish of veal, beef, lamb or pork sourced from their local area.

Four categories of chef will be displaying their skills for a coveted award - pub, hotel, restaurant and young chef - with each day of the show dedicated to one category.

In the cook-offs, three chefs will compete against each other, preparing their meals in 45 minutes. Each dish must then be served by a member of staff from the contestant’s workplace. Judging will be based on regionality, presentation, timing and taste. The winner will be announced at the end of each day.

The competition is sponsored by British Pork Executive (BPEX) and English Beef and Lamb Executive (EBLEX).