Meat producers are demanding a crackdown on illegal imports in the wake of FMD. National Pig Association regional manager Ian Campbell said: "Foot and mouth disease has already cost millions, and it could have been prevented if diseased meat had not been smuggled into the country. "And classical swine fever, which hit the pig industry last year, is also likely to have been caused by illegally imported meat. It is time the whole issue of illegal imports is brought to the fore." He called on the government to channel resources into policing airports and docks to stop undeclared meat concealed in luggage and containers getting through customs. And National Farmers' Union president Ben Gill said checks on both travellers bringing in meat for personal consumption and commercial food imports where meat can be hidden in consignments of other goods must be stepped up at ports, airports and other borders He said: "British farmers have worked their guts out during these desperate times to ensure that their production standards are among the highest anywhere in the world. "The suggestion that illegal commercial imports, not produced to these standards, have caused this disaster leaves us fuming with rage." The calls come as MAFF, the FSA, Customs and Excise and the Association of Port Health Authorities join forces to tighten up checks on imports. Meetings taking place this week will establish who is responsible for what part of the system, and how controls can be strengthened. {{NEWS }}