Limited use of vaccination against foot and mouth disease could be approved by the EU's farm ministers. While at present only the Netherlands ­ for special environmental reasons ­ uses vaccination to control FMD outbreaks, there is now a view in the council that vaccination could be an effective way of limiting the outbreak of the virus by ringfencing it. A strong case for ring vaccination was put by Germany's agriculture and consumer minister Renate Kunast at this week's meeting of ministers in Uppsala, Sweden. "While there is no majority for mass vaccination, in the short term the message is that we need a wider definition of ring vaccination. "We in Germany don't want to see pictures like we've seen in Britain recently," she said. While the British government has already slaughtered more than a million animals, the Netherlands has vaccinated more than 100,000 in areas around infected farms. Some other EU member states are also looking favourably on a move towards a general policy of ring vaccination, but the UK and France in particular remain opposed. {{NEWS }}