Dutch authorities create bureaucratic nightmare The Dutch authorities stopped all exports of canned meats last Tuesday as FMD hit Holland. They then announced a relaxation providing a health certificate was issued, which seemed to solve the problem ­ until the authorities were unable to agree on how or who would issue the documentation. Importers say it has been a bureaucratic nightmare with nothing moving in spite of ham production continuing using Danish material. Ireland, which had a similar restriction when the first case of foot and mouth was discovered, was able to furnish packers with the necessary certificates within 48 hours. Dutch processors have formed an action group to put pressure on the authorities to resolve the stalemate, but a spokesman told The Grocer: "It will be the end of next week before we can get supplies to the UK moving again." First to be hit will be hot dog supplies, delivered ex factory to buyers' warehouses, whereas hams and chopped products are held as stock in the UK. Importers report about two weeks' stock holdings. {{M/E CANNED GOODS }}