Dutch shut down; pigmeat panic looms The immediate problem for buyers in this country is scarcity, not glut, and particularly in pigmeat. This was most clearly illustrated on Tuesday when the Dutch government prohibited all livestock movement, effectively shutting down the meat industry. The Netherlands is the biggest supplier of pigmeat to the UK, shipping about 50% more bacon here than the Danes last year and pork tonnage equivalent to half the Danish deliveries. As The Grocer went to press it seemed certain there would be a repeat in Britain of the wholesale market panic seen in the pork sector a fortnight earlier. Until the news of the French fmd outbreak and US embargo reached the trade, stability had been returning with pork leg prices particularly softening. As one Dutch trade source acknowledged, buyers were trapped: "They won't have had much stock, because they didn't want to risk being caught when the market turned down." {{M/E MEAT }}