Tragic news reaches us that the Worthington Cup ­ or the Worthless Cup as it is known among some of the more cynical football fans ­ is destined for the chop. The five-year sponsorship deal, worth a cool £23m, is due to expire at the end of next season and the brand's new owner, Coors, is not extending the agreement. Football League spokesman Dennis Signy said: "Worthington's new American owners, Coors, are adopting another strategy and have told us they will not be renewing at the end of next season." So what can we expect the tradional Worthington's drinker to be enticed with next? Could it be World Series baseball? Or perhaps the news that Coors will sponsor American football's Superbowl is significant. Meanwhile there are raised voices in The Grocer office arguing about whether the best Worthing Cup win involved Leicester City, Spurs, or current holders Blackburn. {{COUNTERPOINT }}