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Retailers in Japan may have found an alternative for consumers who struggle with low fat, low calorie or low carb diets - a beverage that aids slimming by using aroma to help burn fat in the body. Sold under the Aroma Works brand name, Body Style Water is a major new launch from Coca-Cola Japan, linking with Shiseido’s expertise in fragrances and skincare products to create a new style of cosmeceutical beverage.
The drink is water-based and calorie-free, but appears to be much more than just another low calorie alternative. It is the first beverage to feature Shiseido’s “aroma theory” concept, which claims that fragrances from certain plants - in this case grapefruit - can increase the generation of “uncoupling proteins (UCPs) that burn neutral fat”. It also contains caffeine, trehalose, niacin and seaweed extract to moisturise the skin.
There are plenty of other soft drinks in Japan that feature beauty or skincare benefits, including products with collagen and ceramides, and this clearly appeals to the key target market of young women.
Consumers are expected to pay a premium for the product’s added benefits - at approximately 90p for a 410ml bottle it is significantly more expensive than other functional or added-value water-based beverages sold in Japan.
In addition to the beverage from Coca-Cola, Shiseido is launching Body Stylish Mist, a body lotion, also under the Aroma Works brand name.