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nCompany: Swabplus

nProduct: Relief Swabs

nCountry of origin: US

Products offering relief from insect bites now come in a variety of formats, ranging from the familiar creams and sprays to the less common wipes and pens.

A US company called Swabplus has come up with an alternative, taking a simple idea and using it as the basis for a raft of new products with diverse functionality.

Three years ago the company introduced pre-filled cotton swab applicators, designed to deliver make-up remover, cuticle softener or antiseptic in a compact, sanitary, and easy to use format. The centre section of each cotton swab is filled with an appropriate solution, and the consumer simply snaps the end of the tube with the coloured ring, allowing the product to flow into and saturate the cotton swab at the other tip. Range extensions have since included products to clean ear and body piercings, to treat athlete’s foot, and even to remove stains from the teeth.

The latest addition is an insect bite relief swab, just launched in Canada. These are filled with a medicated solution to provide relief from the itching and pain caused by mosquito and other insect bites.

They are filled with a solution based on benzocaine and soothing aloe vera, and come in a box of 36 priced at around $5.20 (£3.50).

These handy swabs offer the ‘medication and applicator all in one’ and provide a convenient, disposable solution with no mess from handling creams or lotions.