>>What's new overseas?

The ‘marinade in a bag’ concept has been marketed in the UK and South Africa, but remains somewhat niche everywhere else. It has never really caught on here.

That might be set to change, however, now that Heinz has launched the first product of its kind in the US. The company’s EZ Marinader comprises a large pouch made from a heavy-duty multilaminate material containing 340g of shelf-stable, liquid marinade. Meat or vegetables are put into the opened pouch, which is sealed with the plastic zipper and left for half an hour to let the flavour develop.

The quantity of marinade in the bag is designed to coat 2-3 pounds of meat (around 1 kilogram), and once the contents have been removed for cooking, the bag can be thrown away, with no dish to wash-up.

The concept is designed to take the mess out of marinating, and it comes in several flavour varieties including Jack Daniel’s Mesquite, Classico Italian Garlic & Herb, and Mr Yoshida’s Teriyaki. Retail price is $2.99 (around £2).

More than 40% of UK households now own a barbecue, and that number is rising despite our unpredictable climate. Consumers are also becoming more adventurous about what they cook on the barbecue - we have come a long way from the limp sausage and half-cooked burger. A product that delivers flavour with convenience at an affordable price should have potential here, too.nCompany: Heinz

nProduct: EZ Marinader

nCountry of origin: USA