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Children face the risk of picking up head lice now that the new school term has begun and many of the chemical treatments of the past have been rejected by parents.

Instead, they now favour more "natural" products, or the old-fashioned comb approach. However, in Australia, a company has come up with a more fashionable solution. Wild Child, based in Western Australia, is best known as a supplier of all-natural pesticides and has used its expertise to develop a natural hair styling product that prevents head lice infestations.

Head Lice Preventative Styling Mud is mainly intended for children, but can be used by the whole family, daily or as often as required. A small amount should be applied and massaged through the hair to style, condition, hold and prevent infestation.

It is completely free from chemical insecticides, and is based on wildflower essences and natural oils, including eucalyptus. The package graphics are simple, and closer in appearance to a regular styling gel than to any medicated lotion. The mud is packaged in a 100g plastic tub.

There have been plenty of head lice treatments in a mousse format, and some spray products, but none offered the benefit of hair styling.

This product could surely do well, targeting the parents, concerned about the chemical content of traditional products, as well as their fashion-conscious children.nCompany: Wild Child

nProduct: Head Lice Preventative Styling Mud

nCountry of origin: Australia