Forget inquiries and focus on businesses

Dave Brooks Chief executive, Finsbury Foods

Sir; I was reassured by the measured findings of the latest Competition Commission inquiry, but the question remains - was it needed? This is the fourth inquiry since 1999 and again conclusions confirm the grocery market isn't anti-competitive. Good businesses can withstand competition from the big four and carve out their own niche. Co-op & Somerfield are driving convenience by having a clear vision, and others can have similar clarity. Specialist shopkeepers are making a comeback by focusing on a niche market and local neighbourhoods seem to be getting more vibrant. As for the supply chain, the multiples are predictable, which is good for suppliers. We know each year they want improvements in terms. We know price rises are hard to come by and they will want product improvements at no cost. We know what our largest external factor is most likely to do, so let's be prepared. Let's forget more inquiries and crack on with driving our businesses for the good of the consumer.