Sir; The Scottish Food and Drink Forum West met for the first time this week, bringing together more than 120 companies from across the industry, at the Glasgow Science Centre, where experts unwrapped the facts and presented the fundamentals of packaging for businesses small and large. Both Anne Emblem, Fellow of the Institute of Packaging and Sarah Mackie, new product development leader at Safeway, assured potential suppliers that size was not an issue, and that no matter how large or small a business, effective packaging together with a quality product was the proof and the pudding of repeat orders. Our first Scottish Food and Drink Forum West provided many companies within the industry with an excellent insight to the importance and potential of the correct packaging for their business, not only from the visual perspective, but from the point of view of wastage. We hope that such seminars, where we bring experts to a common forum, will give companies further confidence to meet the market head-on with new quality products and innovative ways to sell these products. We have a series of topics to explore in an inspiring programme ahead. Our next is on November 27th. Geoffrey John ChairmanScottish Food and Drink {{LETTERS }}