French fresh produce organisation Interfel is to push on with its 10-a-day campaign in the autumn, supported by a 5 million euros spend on television, press and PR campaigns.

The concept was launched in 1999 and has been successful in turning a 30-year decline in fruit and vegetable consumption in France into a rising trend.

A 10-a-day logo can be used on packaging without any form of fee and has been taken up by Prince de Bretagne and Auchan. However, only 5-6% of suppliers and retailers currently use it.

Interfel marketing director Laurent Damiens said Interfel had studied various different reports which had shown French consumers were only eating 380g of fruit and vegetables a day, when the ideal was 400-800g.

“We decided to go for 10 portions as this would shock to people about their insufficient fruit and vegetable consumption,” added Damiens.