A first-day visiting trio at the Fancy Food Show in New York caused a few raised eyebrows on the Food From Britain pavilion. For they were three enterprising Frenchmen, dressed as musketeers, attempting to push products to a bunch of bemused Brits. But, alas for our Gallic friends memories of the French ban on our beef came to the fore, so D'Artagnan and his mates had to creep away to try to push their wares to them local Yanks. And given the New Yorkers have turned obesity into an art form, they soon found willing customers. The prize for the whackiest named product at the show goes to Toad Sweat ­ a sauce from a north Carolina group. Closer inspection revealed it to be a range of hot dessert sauces used by the overweight yanks as a wonderful topper' on oatmeal and pancakes. {{COUNTERPOINT }}