Sir; I heartily agree with Tim Lang about the value of street markets, the "oldest form of retailing of all" ('I see a great future for street markets', The Grocer, 24 February, p31). Before Tanfield Food Company came along, they were the only viable sales outlet for most of Britain's excellent small-scale producers and farmers.

The success of our Look What We Found! ready meals, which are created around the produce of small producers but sold in high street shops, proves there is a way to reconcile the 'best of both worlds' and bring the ethos of the farmers markets to the widest possible number of consumers through the outlets where people do most of their shopping.

We survived and are thriving by being realists with ideals. But we did tailor our offering around real food, sustainably produced and, thanks to innovative thinking, were able to deliver it to shoppers in a way that works for the way we live now.

If we want to hold on to the traditional things we value, but still enjoy the convenience of modern life, many more of us will have to dare think differently.