The task for our team of shoppers this week was to check out the freezer cabinet for availability, pricing and promotional patterns. Eight frozen food products were added to the two already on our regular weekly shopping list, and only two of the eight stores we visited were able to supply every item. Morrisons was one, and it succeeded in scoring a double whammy. It had already checked in the cheapest full basket of regular Grocer 33 items, and then came up trumps with the cheapest full quota of frozen food. At £17.08, Morrisons' basket was £4.01 cheaper than the only other full basket, which was from Somerfield. Morrisons' basket included three bogof deals on Sara Lee chocolate gateaux, Chicago Town pizza twin-packs and four-packs of own label quarterpounder beefburgers. Of the many out of stocks, Sainsbury and Asda claimed the majority. In addition the Co-op did not stock Häagen Dazs ice cream and Safeway did not sell own label beefburgers, the latter recently delisted when the store lost two aisles after a refit. Other deals in the freezer included Somerfield's 20% extra free on its frozen peas and Tesco's 50p off the price of Sara Lee chocolate gateau. {{GROCER 33 }}