Food safety bosses are considering extra safeguards to clamp down on unfit meat entering the food chain following the Denby meat trial.

Peter Roberts, of Denby Poultry Products, was found guilty at Nottingham Crown Court last week, of conspiracy to defraud. The court was shown evidence that he had supplied hundreds of tonnes of dangerously sub-standard meat over a six-year period, some of which had made its way into products sold through Sainsbury, Tesco and Kwik Save.

The Food Standards Agency said it would now consider if action was needed to prevent such frauds in the future.

It will also consider recommendations from the Waste Food Taskforce, set up in the wake of the trial, at its public meeting in September.

David Statham, the FSA’s director of enforcement and food standards, said: “The FSA has been working to tighten up the system so that it is harder for criminals to get away with these scams.”