The Food Standards Agency is reconsidering elements of its nutrient-profiling model, which will be used to underpin any restrictions on food advertising.
The agency has commissioned new work into the model after a 12-week consultation period. It has identified five issues for further consideration, including a different approach to recognising the importance of meat, fish and alternatives to a balanced diet and a refinement to the weighting of scores for fruit and vegetable content.
However, Provision Trade Federation director general Clare Cheney said she was not impressed. “I am not confident it will give a result that is practicably applicable to the consumer diet.”
A spokeswoman for the Food and Drink Federation said it was important that the industry’s viewpoint was considered. However, she added: “We still have serious reservations about the concept of universal nutrient profiling and the FSA model.”
The FSA expects to publish results of its investigations in July when it gives its recommendations to Ofcom.