The Food Standards Agency will vote this week on proposed changes to its favoured ‘traffic lights’ labelling system.

The body unveiled plans last Friday for a single front-of-pack system combining GDA percentages, traffic light colours and text describing products as high, medium or low in salt, fat and sugar.

The move will be regarded as a victory for opponents of the traffic light scheme, which include Tesco.

The FSA will decide on Wednesday whether to recommend the proposals to ministers, although the new guidelines would remain voluntary.

“This approach is all about what consumers have told us they want,” said FSA chief executive Tim Smith.

“Independent research and citizens' forums told us that people were confused and wanted a single approach developed by government.

“We also appreciate and understand that food businesses are starting from different positions. Our proposals… also provide some flexibility for business.”

The Food & Drink Federation welcomed the proposals as “a template for constructive dialogue” with the industry.

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