The Food Standards Agency has launched a £110,000 campaign to stimulate debate over genetically modified foods.
The cash is "entirely separate" from the £500,000 set aside by the government to organise a broader public debate on GM technology, said a spokeswoman. "We are trying to reach other audiences, such as schoolchildren and low income groups. There will be no duplication."
Initiatives planned over the next two months include a Citizen's Jury, which will hear evidence from a wide cross section of experts from the pro and anti lobby, a new booklet, video and interactive website, a schools debating competition and discussion groups with young people and adults on low incomes in Scotland.
However, the results of the main public debate on the commercialisation of GM crops are unlikely to be published until the autumn as uncertainty over funding continues to hamper progress.
Although the government agreed to double the £250,000 budget originally allocated, only an extra £155,000 has been made immediately available because the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly do not want to release their total contribution of £95,000 until after May's elections.

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