Sir; The Grocer's 'Weigh it up!' campaign against the FSA's nutrient profiling model comes as no surprise, as the magazine's opposition to tougher controls on TV advertising to children is well known. The FSA wants to help combat growing levels of obesity by redressing the current imbalance in TV advertising aimed at children, which is heavily weighted towards promoting foods high in salt, fat and sugar such as crisps, sweets and biscuits.

It appears from your editorial that you do not understand nutritional science or the way that the Nutrient Profiling model works. You miss the point that this is about providing advertisers with a tool to help bring about a better balance of foods being targeted at our children.

These products are not 'banned' from advertising - all the foods you mention can still be advertised to adults. The agency stands by the Nutrient Profiling Model, which has undergone scientific scrutiny and been openly consulted on. We invite you to come in and be fully briefed on this.