The Financial Times is continuing its bid to widen its readership base this year ­ with a direct marketing campaign and the launch of an online voucher system. The online promotion will comprise four campaigns each month, starting this month, and five thousand potential new readers will be sent an e-mail highlighting a particular promotion or special editorial coverage. There will be a link to a website splash page where a 50p off voucher can be downloaded. Readers can print off the voucher and submit it to their retailer for redemption. The online vouchers work in the same way as the traditionally mailed ones. Each voucher is valid for one day and includes two barcodes ­ the product/price barcode and a unique customer one. Retailers accepting the vouchers will be paid the full margin, plus a handling fee of 2p, and a letter to retailers is included in the e-mail, explaining how the scheme works. The FT has set up a retailer helpline (0870 739 7900) to deal with any queries. The FT also has a new direct mail campaign to encourage occasional and non- readers to trial the week day and weekend papers. {{CTN }}