Food industry organisations met MAFF on Thursday to discuss supply challenges caused by the fuel crisis and to consider extra contingency plans if the blockaders return to the refinery gates when their 60-day ultimatum period ends next month. IGD, FDF, FWD, NFU, the big brewers and the Dairy Industry Federation were among more than 20 groups at the meeting chaired by MAFF minister Joyce Quin. During the Labour Party conference in Brighton this week, delegates praised the food chain for keeping supplies moving during the recent crisis. However, there was recognition that if the dispute had continued key parts of the chain ­ including the supply of staples like milk and bread ­ would have faced total paralysis. Agriculture minister Nick Brown told The Grocer: "I was delighted with the swift and efficient way all branches of the food business coped in the face of panic buying by consumers. But it's essential to thoroughly review the procedures to see if any lessons can be learned should the blockades return." {{NEWS }}