Only one out of stock and the speediest store exits on record were the star elements of our shopping trip to Alldays. With the exception of a four-minute queue at the Manchester store and three minutes at Pentwyn, no one spent more than a minute waiting. The delay at Pentwyn was because the assistant had to check if Stella Artois was on special offer but, that apart, our shopper was impressed by the store's extensive range and its cash machine. There was a radical change at the Plymouth store which was the dearest store on a previous visit and the cheapest this time. Its full basket cost £10.98 which was £1.20 less than the next cheapest at Baillieston. This was because of the low price of Stella Artois ­ four-packs at £3.49. At the Trent Bridge store Sunblest bread was the best buy at 65p, although there was a bargain to be had with Kingsmill ­ two loaves for £1.05 instead of a single at 85p. Our shopper was delighted when an assistant offered a separate bag for bread so it wouldn't be crushed. The north-east store repeated the Kingsmill offer and it was snapped up by our shopper. Exceptional service was offered at the Scottish branch. When a queue had formed at one checkout, another was quickly opened. {{GROCER 33 }}