The FWD’s lobbying has paid a speedy dividend after MPs quizzed the government on alcohol fraud following a reception at the House of Commons.

FWD members met MPs at Westminster last week to mark the formation of the All-Party Parliamentary Wholesale Group of MPs. The group will discuss alcohol fraud, below-cost selling and fuel prices. In total, 24 MPs attended the event and several talked to leading industry figures.

Following the event, Labour MP Lillian Greenwood asked the Treasury questions about measures to tackle duty fraud and exports to bonded warehouses. 

In a reply published this week, economic secretary Chloe Smith said HMRC was exploring the introduction of duty stamps for beer. 

She also said the market share of illicit spirits had halved since duty stamps were introduced on spirits in 2006. 

The FWD is calling for the introduction of duty stamps on beer after illegal beer sales shot up by 45% in 2009-2010.

The event marked the culmination of the FWD’s efforts this year to develop support in Westminster. This year it has arranged for eight MPs to visit wholesale depots and for 50 to visit independent retailers. Ministers Andrew Lansley and Jim Paice were among those who took part in the visits.