The game market is now worth an estimated £38m, having grown 15.2% year-on-year in value in the past four years, according to Mintel figures.
Although the game sector is relatively small compared with other meats, it is the only sector showing double-digit growth, said researchers. Pheasant is the most readily purchased game, followed by venison, partridge and grouse.
Mintel said butchers were usually one of the first contact points for purchase. However, most of the major retailers now include game products in their premium ranges.
Alexia Robinson, spokeswoman for the Game-to-Eat campaign, said: “The industry now provides game ready prepared and well presented in convenient cuts, which are quick and easy to cook.
“At the quality end of the meat market, game allows retailers to offer a wider meat selection to consumers who are prepared to pay a premium price for quality, convenience and a good end result.”