Geese prices are likely to be higher this year, thanks to increased feed costs, producers have warned.
The British Goose Producers Association said consumers were likely to be paying 20 to 30p more per kilogram this year, with average retail prices from
farm gate and butchers between £6.50 to £8.20/kg.
The association is also warning traders to get their orders in as early as possible to avoid the situation seen last year when stocks had completely sold out by the first week of December.
According to Judy Goodman, vice chairman of the BGPA, production of fresh geese has been increasing year-on-year, but is not keeping pace with the consumer demand.
Goodman said: “The natural diet and rearing to maturity impart a special quality, flavour and texture to the meat which is quite distinct from other types of poultry. Most people are trying goose and discovering what a treat it is”