US threatens over EU'S GM stance The US has warned Europe its anti GM stance could cost it dear. Although the GM issue has not yet been raised in multilateral trade negotiations, US Ambassador to the EU Richard Morningstar has indicated the US will seek to limit the damage to its biotech industries. Morningstar claimed the EU's decision to stop any further GM crops reaching the market "will cost the US more than $200m in lost corn sales this year". He said the EU's attitudes to GMOs are emotional and unscientific, with the UK the major source of unhelpful and irrational anti GM sentiment. "In the UK, the media has learnt to love a good food safety scare, and public debate all too often is dominated by nightmare scenarios without scientific basis. "The failure to approve new (GM) varieties, despite their approval by the EU's own scientific committees...shows politics and demagoguery have taken over the regulatory process." {{NEWS }}