Playtex has signalled its intent to become a major player in the UK tampon market with a new launch called Gentle Glide.
Backing the newcomer with a £1.5m above-the-line spend, Playtex said the plastic applicator product had a smooth rounded tip for easier application. The company, which claims to have introduced plastic applicator tampons to the US 35 years ago, said it was keen to bring its "years of expertise and innovation" to the UK market.
Spokesman Colin Wright said: The UK tampon category is dominated by two major players and is in desperate need of a third brand that has a unique position and can add value. Aggressive pricing has led to devaluation, and above-the-line spend and innovation have been limited."
Such opinions are unlikely to impress rival brands such as Lil-lets which last week announced a £2m support package behind a new range of tampons featuring a hypoallergenic gel.