Germany’s largest pot herb producer Gartenbauzentrale has signed a deal which could give it a foothold in the UK.
The company has sealed a strategic marketing alliance with Sussex-based Humber VHB, the largest UK retail supplier of pot-grown herbs.
Gartenbauzentrale recently established links with one of Germany’s best-known top fruit marketing groups, Elbe-Obst.
A new company, Ems-Krauter, has been formed to expand its export portfolio and has shipped herbs as far as Moscow. Norbet
Ficken, herb development manager, is particularly keen on parsley, chives and basil.
He was in the UK recently with Elbe-Obst MD Frank Doscher and Dirk Hansen a vegetable grower/packer who through Elbe-Gemuse exports cabbage and wants to introduce Chinese leaves, broccoli and leeks.