Sir; The latest Top 50 Independent Retailers ranking (The Grocer, February 24) is a timely reminder of the success of many excellent retailers in the independent sector. They are achieving this success against the odds.

The big question is: will these excellent independents be able to grow and challenge at national level the might of the big four grocers?

This question is critical to the Competition Commission's inquiry. We remain optimistic the inquiry is heading in the right direction. But the Commission has to investigate far more thoroughly the impact of buyer power.

The Commission also needs more evidence from our sector. This is the time to be providing evidence of predatory pricing .

The Commission is looking closely at competition in local markets and this means that every retailer is potentially centre-stage in this inquiry. Send your evidence to us here at ACS, or direct to the Commission. Only by providing the evidence now can we promote our place in our market for the long term.