NFU president Ben Gill has warned that cheap imports are sounding a death knell to the British farming industry. Speaking at this week's NFU council, he said: "Imports which are below UK standards will kill off the farming industry. If you kill off farming, processing will not be far behind because processing takes place where food is produced. Gill revealed the NFU was to start a "dramatic marketing campaign" to raise awareness of its little red tractor hallmark. The marketing campaign, which is scheduled to start in the next few months, will focus on the standards required to meet the demands of the tractor mark which include animal welfare and quality criteria. However, the little red tractor symbol does allow imported food to be hallmarked if it meets the criteria. Gill said that although consumers need to be reassured on quality standards, they must also be allowed to choose what they eat without having to resort to buying imports. Gill also condemned the campaign by the militant Farmers for Action group as divisive and not in the interest of farmers or consumers. He said "we must work together to shorten the food chain". {{NEWS }}