NFU president Ben Gill has attacked "inequality" between increased demand on farmers to meet exacting food standards, and farmers' means to satisfy it. Speaking at a gathering of European food industry leaders in Brussels, Gill called for co-operation between food processing, distribution and retail sectors to ease the pressure on farmers. Gill said: "Farmers are increasingly expected to meet a number of conflicting demands such as providing safe and value for money food, whilst maintaining the stewardship of the countryside and meeting the public's ethical concerns." As consumers turned up the heat, Gill said farmers were also losing out due to increased EU and WTO regulatory pressures including the impending review of CAP subsidies. "Farmers need efficient processing, food distribution and retail sectors. They need a balanced structure and a larger share of the retail price. We believe this can only be achieved by working together to create a shorter supply chain." The Farm to Fork Conference was also attended by German consumer minister Renate Kunast, EU consumer commissioner David Byrne and EU agriculture commissioner Franz Fischler. {{NEWS }}