NFU president Ben Gill is expected to slam the government on Monday over its handling of the foot and mouth outbreak. Stephen Rossides, head of the NFU's health and science department, said although no one was to blame for the crisis, Gill would be "constructively critical" of the government. "He will want to convey farmers' loss and anger." But other groups will get stern warnings in the NFU's Lessons Learned report. He added: "There's an overwhelming feeling that the whole industry needs to learn lessons. We can't just tell the government to do things." The report will cover five key areas: import controls, contingency planning, management and organisation, communication and control strategy. It will encourage the tackling of illegal imports and a more effective control structure, urging government bodies to work better together, as well as with stakeholders such as farmers. It will also call for better communication. Rossides said although FMD had been an unprecendented outbreak, the contingency plan had "gone out of the window on day one". {{NEWS }}