Snack manufacturer Ginsters appears to have scored an own goal with the launch of football sandwiches. The Football Association and world soccer body FIFA said Ginsters' Three Lions' packs and accompanying promotional material for the £2.59 packs both appeared to breach strict copyrights. FA brand protection officer Steve Johnson said the words Three Lions', based on the national side's emblem, were an FA trademark which Ginsters was not authorised to use. He added: "We will be asking them to pull the plug on this immediately." FIFA trade mark agent David Gill said material in a Ginsters press release also incorrectly connected the sandwiches with the World Cup. A spokeswoman for Ginsters said it had not yet been contacted by the FA but had been in discussions with FIFA over the alleged breach. "We explained that this was a one-off promotion and that we had not intended to breach any copyright," she added. {{NEWS }}