from Richard Thompson, chairman, Organic Farmers & Growers and Paul Ruocco, business development manager, EFSIS
Sir; Well done, Helen Browning (The Grocer, May 24, p38) for saying organic is "the ultimate assurance scheme", but we should be "giving people a reason to eat organically".
Professor Carlo Leifert from the Tesco Centre for Organic Agriculture at Newcastle University told this year's Organic Farmers & Growers agm that data showed high levels of nutritionally important compounds in organic food.
Mobilising and augmenting such data would be a big step in "selling the positive" as your story puts it, to win more consumers to organic.
If organic players were a bit more co-operative and invested some time and money in compiling evidence to augment Prof Leifert's, we might even attract some matched funding from government to create strong verification of the claimed benefits.