from John Hannett, general secretary, Usdaw

Sir; There is no evidence that millions of shoppers want deregulation of Sunday trading hours despite claims by consumer groups such as the National Consumer Council.
Once again we have an organisation claiming to speak for millions of shoppers but providing no real evidence that consumers want more time to shop on a Sunday.
The reality is we already have one of the most deregulated Sunday trading regimes in Europe. Britain’s shoppers already have 150 hours a week to spend their money and we think that is quite enough.
The restriction of six hours on a Sunday is not ‘red tape’ as claimed by the NCC but a protection for 2.7 million retail workers who want to spend some time with their families on at least one day a week.
We have a duty to those hardworking retail staff to oppose deregulation and give them the chance that most Britons enjoy to spend time with their families at the weekend as well as achieving that all important work/life balance.
The NCC also questions whether the six-hour limit protects workers from being exploited, but provides no evidence that deregulation will boost protection for retail staff.
Our experience on a day-to-day basis in stores is that the original compromise reached in 1994 has given workers great protection on Sundays by limiting the hours they work.