Stop smoking brand NiQuitin CQ is to claim a UK advertising first next week - by using a real-life smoker to quit on air.
The unique experiment breaks on Monday (September 6) as Lorraine O’Mullaine, a 35-year-old beauty therapist from Fulham, London, screens the first of a series of video diaries. The
£4m campaign, on air until October 17, will chart her progress using NiQuitin CQ lozenges as she aims to break her 20-year, 15-a-day habit.
Lorraine, who was picked to star in the campaign after making a shortlist of 14 smokers who applied for the role, will also appear in press ads. Would-be quitters will also be encouraged to follow her progress online at the brand’s dedicated website.
Mark Dickinson, smoking control category director for the GlaxoSmithKline brand, said the campaign was inspired by the UK’s ongoing reality TV craze.
“Reality programming has been an extremely popular TV genre over the past few years, with shows such Big Brother, Pop Idol and Hell’s Kitchen being phenomenally successful.
“Because we understand what people go through when they give up smoking, we believe that this approach of showing both the highs and the lows, through the eyes of a real smoker who wants to quit, will help motivate other people to quit smoking.
“The campaign will also show people how important it is not just to have the right product, but also the right type of support such as our stop smoking plan web site.”
Simon Mowbray